Raleigh Cosmetic Short Term Orthodontics – Six Month Smiles – Raleigh NC

With his background in cosmetic dentistry and surgery, Raleigh, NC dentist Dr. Brian McManus knows that his patients appreciate a more aesthetically pleasing approach to teeth straightening. Traditional metal braces are beneficial, but there are also nearly invisible ways to get the smile you have always wanted. Dr. McManus is only one of only a few people in the area that offers patients in Raleigh cosmetic short term orthodontics in the form of Six Month Smiles.

If you have crowding in your smile, or if you had traditional braces when you were younger and want to correct crooked teeth because of minimal use of your retainer, these 6 month braces make for a great solution. This cosmetic short term orthodontic treatment will realign your teeth in only 6 months!




Patients are first shown a model of how the orthodontic system works. Some of the staff at Brier Creek Dental Studio are also current and past Six Months Smiles patients and will happily show you their treatment in progress or how the procedure went for them. Dr. McManus will also perform a profile and space analysis on new patients to make sure that this treatment plan is the best for their situation.

Even if you are a patient at another dental practice in the Raleigh area, Dr. McManus offers free consultations to anyone interested in the Six Month Smiles treatment. This option is also a great solution for those searching for clear braces for adults and children.

When you go into Brier Creek Dental Studio for the orthodontic treatment, expect your initial visit to be around 15 minutes where Dr. McManus will make an impression of your teeth. Your next visit will be about 90 minutes in which he will put your nearly invisible braces on using tooth-colored wires, clear brackets and clear elastics. He will check on your progress every 30 days and will adjust the treatment, if necessary, to meet the changes in your tooth alignment.

After your treatment is over, Dr. McManus will take another impression of your new smile and fit you for a permanent retainer, which he will bond to the back of your teeth. You also have the option to wear removable retainers, which must be worn everyday. Patients will also receive instructions about flossing and general dental health, no matter what form of retainer you opt for, along with before and after photos. 

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