Brier Creek Dental Studio


Yearly Membership


ONLY $299!!

  • Two Preventative Six Month Cleanings*
  • One set of Bitewing X-rays**
  • Two Fluoride Treatments
  • Two dental exams by Dr. McManus
  • 15% off dental treatment (does not apply to cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, tooth whitening)

*For patients needing treatment for active gum disease (periodontal disease), a special treatment plan will be made to treat your disease. Dr. McManus and his staff will discuss this with you during your initial visit. Some patients with active periodontal disease may require more than two visits per year to control their disease. Additional charges may apply for additional visits during the year. Some conditions may require referral to a specialist (Periodontist) to properly treat and avoid tooth loss. We will do our best to come up with a comprehensive plan for those patients with active periodontal disease.

**Any other indicated x-rays indicated will be 15% off regular price. While usually not indicated for most dental treatment, conditions such as tooth infection, third molars (wisdom teeth), root canals, crowns, onlays, inlays, and extractions may require additional radiographs before treatment can be rendered. Patients who need periodontal therapy (for gum disease) will require some additional x-rays. We will discuss this with you at your initial exam before any additional x-rays are taken.


Price of yearly dental membership is subject to change. Please call 919-484-0660 for additional information and to schedule a new patient appointment.